Radio Clwyd

Keeping You In Touch Again

2006 celebrated the 25th anniversary of  Radio Clwyd
and this website was launched to celebrate it.

We'll bring you clips and rare pics from The Old School House
aswell as a brand new edition of "Roundabout" 
So for the first time ever
Radio Clwyd goes global


 Now you too can find out whats happening in Naughty Whales
  with John Shoneymould & Colin Clwyd

 And don't forget that marvellous pineapple cake recipe
 and "old people's thermometers"


2011 marks 30 years of BBC Radio Clwyd's launch and if you are visiting this site and were part of the station then please please get in touch!
We are looking for memories, opinions and comments and would love to hear from you.

From October 2007 Radio Clwyd is back on the BBC !

 Alan Daulby explains more about a project to digitise some of the old recordings
from BBC Radio Clwyd

Follow this link:

If you have any clips of Radio Clwyd, would like to comment on the site or have any questions then please email me